Premier League: AFC Bournemouth – Manchester United 14 August 2016 14:30

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Premier League: AFC Bournemouth – Manchester United 14 August 2016 14:30

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Premier League: AFC Bournemouth – Manchester United

Manchester United, the biggest candidates to win the league this year, will kick off their campaign on Sunday when they will lock horns with AFC Bournemouth. It has been just 3 months since these two sides faced each other in the last round of the past Premier League season. Back than on 17th May, it was Manchester who had the upper hand as they beat Bournemouth 3:1. Despite playing on their rivals´ soil this time, United are expected to win the match again as they greatly improved their squad during the summer and should be even stronger than they were last year. Starting at 2:30 PM (CET), the clash between Bournemouth and Manchester United will be played at the Dean Court Stadium in Bournemouth.

AFC Bournemouth

Bournemouth were the novices last year so their main goal was to avoid the drop, which they eventually did. The Cherries finished 16th but they could have claimed a better spot had not been for that dismal series they produced at the end of the season. Out of the last eight league duels, Bournemouth managed to pick up just one win and one draw, losing all of the six remaining matches. During the summer transfer window, the team´s management brought several new players in the squad, including defender Smith from Liverpool. The other signings are mostly unknown young players who are yet to earn their spots in the starting eleven. Therefore, Bournemouth are expected to fight for the survival this year again. In their opening duel, the Cherries are to play Manchester United over whom they actually pulled off a surprising 2:1 home win last year. Repeating the feat this time will be very hard though.

Manchester United

Determined to make up for the last season that was far from successful, Manchester were very active during the summer transfer window. Apart from a number of promising signings such as the iconic Swedish sniper Ibrahimovic, the Ivory Coast centre back Bailly or – most importantly – the French midfielder Pogba who became the most expensive player in football history at staggering £100 million, the club also recruited a new boss. Former head coach van Gaal was replaced by the renowned Portuguese manager Mourinho. With all the new players in the squad, it is quite safe to say that United will have a world-class option for each position, making them the biggest candidates to win the Premier League this year. Mourinho´s men already played their first competitive match of the season as they took on the reigning champions Leicester in the Community Shield game. Thanks to the Ibrahimovic´s late winner, Manchester won this game 2:1, kicking off what they hope to be a glorious winning streak.


Manchester United are looking to atone for the last couple of trophy-less seasons and claim the Premier League title again. Obviously, the team are very serious about their plans as they did their best during the summer break to make it happen. The management signed a new manager and some of the best available players. However, the former coach van Gaal also had a great squad at his disposal but only led his team to the fifth place, which was considered a disappointing result. Manchester´s opening duel against Bournemouth can tell us a lot about how they will be doing this year. To find out whether Mourinho´s debut at the helm of Manchester United will be victorious or not, we will have to wait until Sunday afternoon.
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