Community Shield: Leicester City – Manchester United 07.08.2016 17:00

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Community Shield: Leicester City – Manchester United 07.08.2016 17:00

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Community Shield: Leicester City – Manchester United

The new season of the Premier League is yet to start but fans of English football have a great match to be excited about this weekend. On Sunday, the reigning Premier League champions Leicester will lock horns with the FC Cup winners Manchester United for the 2016 FA Community Shield. In these highly prestigious games, the league title holders are usually the favourites but this is not the case of this edition. Although they won the Premier League last year, Leicester are still the underdogs when facing high profile sides such as Manchester United. Kicking off at 5 PM (CET), the Sunday clash between Leicester City and Manchester United will be played at the legendary Wembley Stadium in London.

Leicester City

At the beginning of the last season, the odds offered on Leicester winning the league were insane 5000:1. Yet, Ranieri´s men managed to shock the whole football world as they made it all the way up to the league title. This year, the odds on them defending the title are far from such exorbitant numbers but Leicester are not among the biggest candidates to win the trophy either. The Foxes are hoping their two brightest stars Vardy and Mahrez stay but the team have already lost their key midfielder Kante. Also, it would be naive to think that all the players would keep in the fabulous form they were last year. In fact, the summer preparation already suggested Leicester might be far from where they left off. Losing 2:4 to Barcelona is still somewhat acceptable but getting hammered 0:4 by PSG in the final warm-up duel can hardly be considered anything but huge disappointment. Consequently, beating Manchester United in the Sunday match doesn’t look like a probable scenario.

Manchester United

Determined to make up for the last unsuccessful season, Manchester were very active during the summer transfer window. Apart from a number of promising signings such as the iconic Swedish sniper Ibrahimovic, elite Armenian midfielder Mkhitaryan or the Ivory Coast forward Bailly, the club also recruited a new boss. Former head coach van Gaal was replaced by the renowned Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho. Moreover, Manchester are finalizing a deal that will become the most expensive transfer in football history as they are ready to cough up whopping £100 million for Juventus´ midfielder Paul Pogba. Obviously, the team will be almost completely made up out of world-class players, making it the biggest candidates to win the Premier League this year. On Sunday, United fans will have the first opportunity to see the new squad and new manager play in the first competitive match of the season. Undoubtedly, the new signings will do their best to impress in the match.


Manchester United have played the Community Shield six times over the past ten years, emerging as the winners on five occasions. The reigning league champions Leicester, on the other hand, have never made an appearance in this kind of game. With all history, experience and squad quality on their side, United are the favourites of this duel but Leicester are a living proof that some of the highest achievements can be reached through game based on hard work and team spirit rather than individual stars. To find out which of these two teams will become the new Super Cup winners, we will have to wait until Sunday night.
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