Leicester win the Premier League

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Leicester win the Premier League

Post by Lincoln » Tue May 03, 2016 2:36 pm

When Tiger Woods first disappeared off the golfing radar back in 2009, it was suggested at the time that all those major championships won during his absence from the game should be accompanied by an asterisk.

Tiger was so far ahead of the field that, clearly, anything won without him competing would not carry the same kudos until normal service was resumed and he was back to claim his rightful place at the summit of the game, so the asterisk would be a handy reminder of the diminished value of the achievement.

It never happened, of course. Every tournament won with Tiger licking his wounds elsewhere was just as hard-earned as any before, during or after his period of dominance and life went on.

But the fact remained that, for a while at least, every major champion was forced to deal with the ‘what if Tiger had been around’ question.

Leicester City have already been similarly patronised on their journey to the most remarkable league championship success in English football history, an achievement confirmed with Tottenham’s failure to claim victory against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Monday evening.

Claudio Ranieri’s team have profited from a perfect storm – a freak set of circumstances that has seen Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal all either endure their worst season in recent years or repeatedly fail to grasp the opportunity in front of them.

In any other season, one of the big beasts would have strolled to the title and Leicester would have been a footnote of history, like third-placed Norwich City in 1992-93 or Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle United’s three years later.

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Re: Leicester win the Premier League

Post by unsoughtpoet » Tue May 03, 2016 2:40 pm

Well deserved! What a great performance for all season. I was sad in Saturday (1:1 with Man U), but now everything is clear! Congratulations!

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